Subject department helped organise summer internship



Before going to university I didn’t have any career ideas in mind but thought that university would be great and in particular was looking forward to the social experience. I chose to study Engineering and Building Management and, although I knew what type of careers this would lead to, at the time I didn’t put too much thought into any career ideas. When deciding which university to go to I consulted the school careers service for help with my application.

Whilst at university I took part in a range of activities to enhance my career prospects, especially during my second year where I obtained a place on a summer internship, organised by my subject department. I also took an active role in the Rock Climbing and Public Speaking societies in order to boost my chances when applying for jobs. I found it hard to balance these activities with my academic work especially as I had such intense coursework and compromised mainly on the society side.

During this period I found it helpful to talk to my course mates about career ideas as they had very specific aspirations related to their specialist course and so gave each other more focused advice. In the final year I attended a number of career fairs finding them useful as a way of getting an idea of the values of the companies. I also applied for a few graduate jobs by looking at the companies I knew had graduate schemes.

After graduating with a 1st, I firstly worked for an American summer camp and I am now employed as a Customer Service Adviser. I am still looking for a graduate job related to my engineering degree and keep in touch with course mates who are still looking for jobs in this field to share information about job opportunities.

Looking back on my time at university, I wish I had taken the treasurer role in the society as I know how important (such roles) are to employers. I also wish I had known quite how important extra-curricular activities were before starting university. I would advise current students to be as resourceful as possible by getting involved in extra-curricular activities and applying for jobs at the earliest stage possible.