Talking to people helped me understand more about the job market



During my time at university I spoke to as many different people as possible about career ideas and opportunities including friends, family and the careers service and really value their impact. I found that talking to all these people gave me alternative views of my skills together with examples of what career they thought would suit me best.

This helped to develop a good understanding of the graduate job market and what a graduate job actually is, especially after talking to the career service about where to look for job opportunities. As a result, I felt confident in applying for graduate jobs in my final year at university and achieved a graduate job as a Graduate Recruitment Consultant.

While studying Mechanical Engineering at university I took an active role in a range of societies and clubs and strongly believe that extra-curricular activities such as these can have a great impact on career prospects. I feel that the societies helped a great deal with people skills especially improving my teamwork, communication and negotiation skills which are definitely required by employers.

Looking back on my experience, I wish I had studied more to achieve a 2:1, and I would advise current students to work hard but to make sure that they do not overlook transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership and communication as they increase your employability.