Society role enhanced career prospects



At school I chose my university and degree course, Maths, with my career ideas of working in insurance or pensions in mind. At university I understood the importance of extra-curricular activities in enhancing my career prospects and I took an active role in a society becoming a committee member. I also spoke to a variety of people to help develop career ideas, in particular listening to the opinions of my family and friends.

Due to a lack of knowledge about where to find job opportunities I was not confident enough to apply for any jobs in my final year and so left university without a clear understanding of the job market. Despite this, after graduating I successfully got a job in my desired career and I am working as an Insurance Trainer. Even though this position is not a graduate job, I still view my university experience as successful.

Looking back on my time at university, I wish I had tried to get an internship or any other work experience during the summer breaks and I would encourage current students to get work experience before they graduate.