Using your careers service

All higher education institutions will have a careers service (this may have a slightly different title in your university or college) and it is there to help you to:

  • decide what you will do after graduating;
  • develop the employability skills and experience sought by employers;
  • meet and network with appropriate employers; and
  • support you in successfully negotiating the job application process.

A good way to find out what they provide is to have a look at their website but don’t forget that you can also talk to careers staff face-to-face if you prefer. You will get the best from your careers service if you make contact with them soon after starting your degree course so that you can take advantage of everything that they might have to offer including, for example:

  • careers advice and guidance (even if you don’t know what you want to do!)
  • contacts with employers through fairs, networking events, skills workshops and other activities
  • skills development workshops on topics including CV writing, interview techniques, presentations, networking and many more
  • placements and internships with large and small employers nationally and locally
  • volunteering opportunities within the local community and on campus
  • part-time jobs locally and on campus
  • starting your own business
  • postgraduate courses and how to fund these

The graduates featured on this website all have something to say about their experience of using the careers service and how doing so has helped their career planning and progression.

Further help & information

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Journey to Work DVD (ask your careers service how you can view it)

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